Benefits Of Home Automation

Home automation is rapidly gaining popularity as a staple in any household. This is for good reason! Home automation has proven to be the cutting edge advantage in home ownership that benefits you and your family in several ways. An automated home increases security & safety, saves time & money, and increases comfort and convenience among other notable benefits. Gene's Refrigeration offers unbeatable home automation services. Our team of experts can recommend the perfect automation for your home.

The Côr Advantage

Côr Home Automation, the heart of a smarter home, offers a simple, yet powerful system for monitoring and controlling your home environment, wherever you are, through your smartphone or tablet. Côr™ Home Automation gives today’s more mobile homeowner the power of knowing everything from when a door or window is open, to when a basement is flooding to when smoke or carbon monoxide are present.

It provides a portal for managing comfort, monitoring children, and turning small appliances on or off. It can trigger a series of automations, or send out alerts. Perfect for a primary residence, a vacation property or both, it’s everything you need for a smarter, more secure, more connected home.

Home Comfort Control: No Matter Where You Are

Learn How It Works

To take command of your comfort, select any Carrier thermostat that will integrate with the Côr™ Home Automation hub. When you select the Côr thermostat as part of the equation, you’ll be rewarded with increased efficiency at an average savings of 20% on heating and cooling energy costs.*

*Based on a 2012 third party study comparing Carrier® Côr™ technology to the estimated cost of a non-programmable thermostat set at 72° F at all times.

There Is No Other Product Like It

Côr™ Home Automation offers the versatility to meet a variety of needs, from traditional security for your main home or a vacation home, or for monitoring aging parents or younger children. And you can take it to the next level with our full line of add-ons and accessories or by creating customized automations. Gene's Refrigeration prides itself in being able to offer such a cutting edge product that can not only help you save money & energy, but also increase the safety and convenience of your home life, whatever that may entail.

The Smart Start Kit

  1. Home Automation Hub

    The home automation hub is the brains of the operation. Once it’s installed and set up, you can control everything from your smart phone or tablet.

  2. Hub Stand

    Place the hub on a convenient desktop using the hub stand if you don’t want it wall-mounted like a traditional security panel.

  3. Door/Window Sensors

    These sensors can send an alert or trigger a pre-assigned series of commands when a window or door is opened. Each kit includes 3 sensors!

  4. Motion Sensor

    When movement is detected, it can turn on a light, send an alert or trigger a pre-assigned series of commands.

  5. Water Sensor

    Ideal for rooms susceptible to water damage or flooding, this sensor provides fast notification of water infiltration.

  6. Light Module

    Control lighting and small appliances automatically or manually, even when you are not home.

Customizations And Add-Ons

Côr™ Wi-Fi® ThermostatTP-WEM01

Communicates with your home automation hub to provide remote access to your home’s heating and cooling system.

Smoke DetectorTX-6010-01-1

Sounds an alarm when a high temperature (135° F) or a rapid rise in temperature is detected.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) DetectorTX-6310-01-1

Wireless CO alarm accurately and reliably alerts you about potentially dangerous levels of CO in the home.

1.3 MPx Outdoor CameraTVW-3120

Keep an eye on your home with this high-definition, Wi-Fi® camera. An integrated browser allows live remote viewing and listening, as well as playback of recorded audio and video.

Gain Control Of Your Home Today

Gene's Refrigeration can provide answers and solutions to any questions about home automations you may have. If you are ready to gain more control of your home than you ever have before, give us a call at (330) 723-4104 to get started. We look forward to helping you!